Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lost in Londres

Well that was one helluva party! 10 days Lost in Londres…..ha ha, only kidding! Nothing quite so decadent unfortunately. Instead, I find myself in the process of moving from a three-wardrobed semi to a one-clothes rail flat – ah the joys of separation – and have only just managed to fight my way out of all the boxes and bin bags. I’m internet-less until the end of the week so am currently ensconced in Folk on Burton Road, West Didsbury making good use of their wine and wifi…

Now where were we, before I was rudely interrupted by “the breakup”?? Ah yes, the Easter Vintage Threads Market. Here’s more photos of stalls and shoppers

Becca Budd from Manchester does "Double Denim" in charity shop shirt and Gap Jeans. Can you believe that Becca is Felicity's (from previous post) mum??

 Suzy from Manchester looks terribly chic in vintage kids tweed jacket, skinny jeans and amazing vintage bow flats that I so want!! Her quirky hat and scarf finish off the outfit perfectly.
A selection of Vintage jewelery and bags available from The General Store on Deansgate 
Homeware and jewellery from Gods and Other Animals, which has a concession in Ryan's Vintage on Oldham Street.

And the ring I got from Gods and Other Animals.

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